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Dr. Renee Wyden, EDD, LCSW

Emotional Health & Wellness Expert

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Dr. Wyden is an innovative clinician, consultant, educator, and speaker with mental health and wellness expertise, interdisciplinary knowledge, cross-cultural competency, and business intelligence.


With over twenty-five years in the Healthcare Industry in both public and private markets, she has the knowledge, skills, expertise and zeal to inspire and motivate people to make changes to improve their mental health, personal well-being and professional success.


In addition to her 20 years as a private practitioner, she has spent ten years teaching at the collegiate level. She is highly skilled at curriculum design and has extensive experience delivering educational workshops and professional trainings.


Dr. Wyden is well accomplished at building internal and external collaborative relationships. She has an in-depth understanding of psychology and behavioral economics, and has worked with organizations as a consultant to improve employee wellness and engagement, as well as the workplace culture.


What is undeniable about Dr. Wyden is her passion for human growth, development and positive change. Just check out one of her events and listen to her speak!

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"I believe in my potential, why not believe in yours!"

Dr. Renee Wyden

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