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Zenwar Wellness

Guest Speaking Events

Zenwar Wellness Speaks offers more than just an event, it provides an impactful experience by boosting morale, building connectedness, increasing motivation and driving performance of those in attendance. Whether you need to fuel and inspire a small group of 10 or a room of 200, do it by bringing in a guest speaker that has the ability to engage your audience, increase their knowledge and can compel them to action! 

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Let Zenwar Wellness bring the inspiration!
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"Dr. Wyden is a wellness warrior! She has been a mentor and speaker at our She Is Fierce! events and we are always excited to have her back because her energy, positivity and authenticity shine through on stage or in a small group format.


She has a uniquely holistic approach and understands that women are facing pressure from all sides... she will help you to find your emotional, mental and physical 'center' so you can step beyond the day to day stress and think bigger about your life and purpose!"

Kelly YoungsFounder / She is Fierce!

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All Speaks events are customized for your specific needs. Pricing varies based on desired curriculum and time.

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